Monday, 24 November 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

On Thursday evening we went to see the town Christmas lights being turned on. We attempted it for the first time with J last year but it didn't go very well in the end - we were running a little late so we were half way down the high street when they went on (so missed the countdown and bits before) and then they had fireworks which J was terrified of and just cried at so we left!

It was much more successful this year though. We left in good time as we knew it would be very busy, not that we wanted to get near the front anyway as it would have been a bit loud for N. We arrived around 20 minutes before the big switch on and caught the end of the Co-Operative Junior Choir, who were rather good.

After they'd finished, it was time for the big man in the red suit - Santa of course - to get on stage and count down to the switch on. Both the boys still weren't really sure what was happening to be honest! they were both gazing when the 'pretties' came on though, and then came the fireworks along with fake snow and Christmas songs! It was pretty magic, the firework display was brilliant and both boys were mesmerised by it - I don't think N is going to be scared of much! After our Christmassy trip to the garden centre last week too, we're definitely getting into the Christmas spirit now!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Project 365 - Week 47 (days 320 - 326)

Day 320 / November 16th
Rubbish photo day so it's another review book for bed time reading!

Day 321 / November 17th
We visited a nearby garden centre today and J was mesmerised by a talking tree!

Day 322 / November 18th
Another rubbish photo day but didn't want to bore you with another book shot so it's a sleeping shot instead! I often go in to kiss him goodnight and he's out of the duvet in a random position.

Day 323 / November 19th
Another Christmas decoration from my amazingly creative friend Mama Tigerlily. Before I miscarried, our nickname for baby was 'belly bean' so this is another tribute for them on our tree.

Day 324 / November 20th
We went to see the town Christmas lights switch on this evening and they put on some fabulous fireworks afterwards (this is only taken with my phone).

Day 325 / November 21st
Some Mega Bloks play time with J whilst N had a nap.

Day 326 / November 22nd
I decided to dig the Christmas countdown plaque out today - 33 sleeps!

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Christmas magic, dinosaurs, and playground fun

On Monday we visited Brigg Garden Centre as they now have their huge Christmas shop open and it was a tradition we had to visit with my mother-in-law before she passed away. I wanted to take J & N to see all the Christmas pretties (okay, maybe it was me who wanted to see them) and they have recently had a new play area built so we though we could make a little afternoon of it and J could have a play after we'd had a (long) wander around.

They usually have some kind of magical display in their Christmas Land and I couldn't wait to see what it was this year. It really was magical this year...

I think we must have spent about an hour just looking around the Christmas stuff, I just have to look at everything and wish I could buy the whole shop! I found an amazingly beautiful tree if anyone can spare £999 to buy me it? No? Never mind...

Once we'd finished there, we had a quick look around the main shop then went outside as they have a polar bear band which is fantastic; we also got our photos taken with a polar bear! (Though husband is rubbish at photos so he chopped his head off!). You can also visit Santa (but we're waiting until December for that) and they have a train ride, but J wouldn't have wanted to stay on it so we didn't bother.

A video posted by Stacey (@staceyg_nobodysaiditwaseasy) on

We had some fun with the magic mirrors... (I want that skinny one at home - I can be slim every day then!)

We also met some dinosaurs living among the plants... I thought J would be terrified but no, he wanted to stroke them!

We then nipped outside to the new play area which I knew J would love as he loves being outside and it's very difficult to drag him away from a play area! We told him he could have a 'special juice' (Fruit Shoot - I know, I know) which did the trick though! Best of all, it's all free (except Santa and the train ride). We'll definitely be back more in the summer though it will be mega busy then - I usually just visit for Christmas Land!

Family Friday

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 21 November 2014

National Teething Week 2014 #teethingweek

I don't know about you, but in this house we are in the midst of teething. N's teeth still aren't through yet but they are very close to coming, though they're not actually bothering him too much at the minute; he just chews his fist a lot and everything goes into his mouth. I'm not sure his first one will arrive by the end of this week though which also happens to be the first ever National Teething Week which is sponsored by Camilia Oral Solution, the homeopathic experts in teething.

Two in three infants aged 3 months to 30 months are affected by teething and with the process being long & drawn out, it is often frustrating for both children & parents. National Teething Week 2014 runs from 17-23 November, and it aims to help new parents recognise the symptoms of teething and advise them on ways to limit the amount of discomfort their baby or toddler may be having. Through informative discussion, advice and content, National Teething Week will aim to educate and aleviate and concerns that parents may have.

Camilia are also sharing some useful tips to identify teething and help with it. You can find these tips and information on the other activities happening during the week over on the National Teething Week website - there are also a few chances to win some fab goodies

You can keep up with the conversation during the week over on Twitter by following the #teethingweek hashtag.

*PR collaboration
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