Monday, 28 July 2014

Meal Planning Monday - 28th July

We had a good week last week and stuck to the meal plan! I've noticed every week is looking quite similar at the minute, so from next week I'm going to be getting my cookbooks out and being a bit more adventurous. They are a bit 'samey' at the minute as little man is currently going through a fussy toddler phase, so if he doesn't eat what we give him it's either nothing, or toast!

Meal plan for w/c 28th July:

Monday - Vegetable stir fry (I ordered a stir fry box for our fruit & veg delivery last week so had lots of lovely veg to use)

Tuesday - Burgers with sweet potato wedges

Wednesday - Chicken tikka masala (using a meal kit from one of my foodie penpals)

Thursday - Jacket potatoes with various fillings (it's jacket potato night on a Thursday as it's the day before weigh in - sure I can find something else to suit though!)

Friday - Fish Friday! Cod with homemade chunky chips

Saturday - Out for our monthly visit to my Mum's

Sunday - Sausage, mash, & onion gravy

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Project 365 - Week 30 (days 201 - 207)

(Lots of baby spam this week!)

Day 201 / July 20th
N was having a play on his mat and I managed to catch this gorgeous smile.

Day 202 / July 21st
N wasn't co-operating with this photo but I had to take one of this outfit as it's so cute and the only time he will wear it as it was a bit snug!

Day 203 / July 22nd
Yes, he is totally handsome (though I am biased, obviously).

Day 204 / July 23rd
My Mum brought us back some lemon liqueur from her holiday so I had to put it in this cheesecake (recipe coming soon).

Day 205 / July 24th
I've mentioned previously that we were having a little trouble with J's behaviour at nursery so they were going to try stickers and a chart with him. This week he got 3 stickers (the other one is on his chart) - very proud Mummy!

Day 206 / July 25th
I spent a couple of hours in J's room sorting his old clothes out for N - N fell asleep on J's bed, love this chilled out pose!

Day 207 / July 26th
One of my new favourite jewellery makers is Down The Rabbit Hole - fabulous quirky jewellery, I'm building up quite a collection! Love my new purchases which arrived today.

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A to Z of Family - G is for Grandparents

Grandparents are one of the fundamental parts of a family unit.

Sometimes they keep everything together.

The little ones can twist them around their little finger.

They are also great at babysitting (!).

J & N are lucky and have 3 sets of grandparents.

Hubby's Mum & Dad.

My Mum & Step-Dad.

My Dad & his partner.

I know some children aren't so lucky though, but others have 4 sets.

Unfortunately hubby's Mum passed away last year, just after we found out we were expecting N.

She passed away a couple of days after we had our early scan at 9 weeks pregnant.

She was in a hospice at the time as the cancer was taking over her.

We showed her N's scan photo and told her his due date - her birthday - and she said, "That's what I wanted".

She knew she was dying. Though nobody had told her directly.

The next day she started going rapidly downhill.

The day after that, she passed away.

It sounds a bit cliche, but it made me feel at peace to think that she was making way for him to enter the world.

J wasn't even 1 & a half years old when she left us, but we haven't let him forget her. We talk about her a lot.

She absolutely doted on J.

The boys' other grandparents do too.


They make the world go round.

In memory of Grandma. 
(Sorry about the quality, it's the only photo I could find)

. A to Z of Family

Family Friday
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