Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Recipe - Rocky road chocolate pizza

It was hubby's birthday on Monday and he is a bit of a chocoholic. One of the things I've previously given him for his birthday is a chocolate 'pizza', but I've usually bought it online. I thought I'd give it a go myself this year and it's really quick and simple, with so many different variations, literally hundreds depending on your (or the recipient's) tastes!

Ingredients (you can swap these for your tastes/creativity. These make an 8 inch pizza)
  • 400 g milk chocolate 
  • giant chocolate buttons
  • Maltesers (chopped in half)
  • mini marshmallows
  • 2 squares white chocolate

  • microwaveable bowl
  • 8 inch spring form cake tin/flat sided tart tin (though I used a silicone one, it's much easier to get the pizza out once set)

  • Break the milk chocolate into a bowl and melt in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds or so so it doesn't burn.
  • Pour the melted chocolate into your tin.
  • Immediately place your other buttons/Maltesers/marshmallows on top before the chocolate starts setting.
  • Grate the white chocolate on top, this is the 'cheese'!
  • Put in the fridge to set - it won't take long.
  • Once set, remove from fridge and carefully remove from the tin.
  • Either serve immediately with family, wrap in cellophane to give as a gift (which is what I did as I left it until the last minute!), or you can even get hold of a pizza box for genuineness!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Foodie Penpals - September reveal

This month my foodie penpals parcel came from Tracey over at It's not easy being greedy (how great is that blog name?!). Month after month I continue to be excited at what might be in my parcel, as although I give pretty much the same 'requests' every time, everybody has different ideas and come from different places so I always get something I haven't tried yet - and often I get something I really want too!

Anyway, on with the contents for this month. Up first, the more sweet items:

  • hazelnut & raisin dark chocolate square. I'm usually a milk chocolate person but this was yummy with the addition of hazelnuts & raisins and I ate it all in one sitting...
  • some really yummy fudge! (But fudge is always yummy...)
  • a Dairy Milk LU bar. I've been looking at these for ages but was yet to try one. This is just the right balance of biscuit and chocolate though.
  • Tunnock's snowballs. I was so pleased to see these as I haven't had them for ages!

Next up, the more savoury items (and a drink):

  • some coffee all the way from Sri Lanka! (I haven't tried this yet though).
  • a couple of Asian jars for accompaniments/cooking. I haven't tried these yet either but they look really interesting and tasty. 
  • a sachet of Rendang sauce mix. This looks really yummy and I can't wait to try this one.
  • two sachets of popping corn. Corn for popping at home is much better than ready bagged popcorn, in my opinion. We've tried the salted one so far and it was lovely, considering I'm not usually keen on salted popcorn. 

If you wish to find out more about Foodie Penpals and join in, visit Rock Salt for more details.

The Lean Green Bean

Review - Equazen eye q chews (for children)

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fish oils are an important part of a healthy diet for both children & adults alike. Hubby & I love fish and regularly have 'Fish Friday' as part of our meals so I'm confident that we get a substantial amount. J on the other hand, the only type of fish he will eat is that of the finger variety, covered in bread crumbs. I know it's not ideal, but it's better than nothing! (I do keep trying). Due to this, when I was recently invited to try Equazen eye q chews for children I thought it would be a good opportunity to get more Omega-3 and -6 oils into him.

The eye q chews for age 3+ years are capsules with no additives - the only ingredients are Omega-3 oils, Omega-6 oils, strawberry flavour, and basic ingredients to make the capsule shell chewy. The recommended intake is two chews per day, with food; though if your child is starting them for the first time or after a long break then six chews per day are recommended for the first twelve weeks. The capsules can be swallowed whole or they can be chewed - the strawberry flavour helps to minimise any fishy smell or taste.

The capsules come in a plastic tub with a tamper seal as with most vitamin/oil capsules; the graphic on the tub is eye catching with important information on there as well as on the box. The capsules themselves look just like a sweet, nice & shiny so attractive to young eyes! J did in fact believe that they were sweets. As he thought they were sweets, when I gave him them he of course went for the chewing option. His response when asked if he liked them was "Mmm nice" with a nod - so I think they get his approval. Which is good to know that I can get the Omega-3 and -6 oils into him without him having to eat fish. As part of the review I thought I should also try them - I hate taking tablets or the like as I panic that they're going to get stuck but they weren't so bad to go down. I did the chewing test too, as did hubby, and we really weren't keen - we thought they tasted a bit too fishy, even with the strawberry flavour; they taste a bit like strawberry fish...

I think the capsules are great for getting the Omega acids into little ones who won't eat fish, and although they help with a healthy diet for J and I understand that fish in itself is expensive, I don't think I will be purchasing them again at the price that they are as it is a little more expensive than I would be prepared to pay.

These Equazen eye q capsules come in tubs of 60, and can be purchased in a 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month supply, starting from £9.18 for a 1 month supply.

Our rating - 3/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review, but all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Project 365 - Week 39 (days 264 - 270)

Day 264 / September 21st
J has started doing 'This little piggy' to everybody, and tonight he was doing it to me before bed time.

Day 265 / September 22nd
We're all full of cold and J just wanted snuggles today, but he still manages to smile for a selfie when he's feeling under the weather!

Day 266 / September 23rd
I tucked into this date & apple slice from a local farm shop with a glass of wine this evening - yummy.

Day 267 / September 24th
There was a chill in the air this morning so it was time for a hat & gloves for the nursery run. I just love N's smile!

Day 268 / September 25th
J took a liking to Mummy's slippers today. He has a habit of wearing adult shoes...

Day 269 / September 26th
We've been tucking into this delicious ice cream recently as part of the Tesco Orchard programme. #GotItFree

Day 270 / September 27th
N tucking into naan bread pizza for his dinner - he's really loving his food!

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Living a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is of great importance in this day & age due to the rise & rise of obesity. I'm ashamed to say that I fit within this category, but if you have been reading the blog recently you will have noticed that I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle in order to lose weight. I managed to do it pre-children and I felt absolutely great for it. I am determined to reach my goal weight and stay there this time and I don't want to let anything get in my way. The two very obvious ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle are by exercising, and eating healthily.

I do admit, I have not done any strenuous exercise since a few months after J was born, so in around two years. I used to do a lot of exercise, nearly every day, before he arrived. But I didn't have children and wasn't so tired and busy all of the time back then! I used to partake in a whole variety of exercise - going to the gym, running (well, the Couch to 5k programme), cardio boxing, aerobics, step aerobics, good old walking, and yoga/Pilates. The thing is, I really did enjoy it and used to look forward to doing it; I know that when I start doing more exercise again then I will feel the same, it's just finding the energy for it (maybe when the children leave home?!). The only activity I really do nowadays is walking. Some days I just can't be bothered but when I do get out, I feel great for it as I know I am helping my body to become healthy again. 

I'm also trying to eat a lot healthier - the weekly fruit & veg box I get delivered is helping with this as I can meal plan around my boxes and instead of snacking on unhealthy food I can just quickly pick up a piece of fruit. One thing I have changed recently regarding my eating habits is instead of sandwiches (so bad carbohydrates) for lunch, I've been eating a lot more salads. Florette have a whole host of healthy salad recipes to browse through and find inspiration from with a large variety of different flavours and combinations for both lunches and dinners. The pesto pasta one especially tickled my fancy when I was browsing as we had all of the ingredients in the house, and very yummy it was too; eating healthily doesn't have to mean boring - even J and the husband ate it!

Living a healthy lifestyle is something I really wish to pass on to my boys as hubby & I have lived unhealthily for far too long, and we want to be around for them for a long time to come. We don't want them to end up the way we are at the moment, and we want to set them both a good example. Saying that, they both love their food, but even though J has a treat every now & again they do eat a lot of fruit & vegetables - I'm working on the salad! Though for me, nowadays I would much rather have a lovely salad for lunch than a carbohydrate loaded sandwich or sausage roll, especially when there is so much variety to choose from.

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