Tuesday, 28 February 2012

38 weeks and a midwife appointment

Well, I obviously got to 38 weeks as I'm here with my weekly update!

I've had more head butting incidents from him since my last update, though not as strong, just little ones the last few times. I can definitely feel him making himself comfy down there ready for his grand appearance, I can tell you that... Which brings me onto our routine midwife appointment (there was also a student midwife there this time so we got second opinions on everything). Normal tests were done, urine sample - fine, blood pressure - fine, little mans heartbeat - fine. He's also still head down, which is a good thing! After the pains I've been getting, I was hoping they were going to tell me he's started engaging (otherwise I would have screamed!) - which he has! They both actually said out loud he was 4/5th engaged, but in my notes is written 4/5th p., which they obviously mean palpable! So he's only really 1/5th engaged. It's confusing enough as it is that they don't use the same across the board, I'm glad I've read up on it beforehand! But, at least he's started engaging! Just got to get him the rest of the way now. 

Tonight we're going to a friends for dinner & cake - dinner is a curry! And then tomorrow I'm going to get on my ball to get him moving, bounce, bounce, bounce! And may even add a walk into the equation too... May also buy some pineapple! The hospital bags are all packed now and waiting in the living room, so we're all ready. I must say, everybody is right, these last weeks do go really rather slow... I think we just want him here now, can't wait to meet our beautiful little precious boy. 

Leaving you with my bump pic from exactly 38 weeks (I think he's dropped, certainly feels like it!)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Our little man's wheels (and our short-list)

At the end of last month we finally purchased little man's wheels, after first going looking in October/November last year. We didn't end up with the first one we fell in love with, after gaining some opinions from others.

On our list of "must haves" was:
  • can be parent facing
  • lightweight (as we currently live in a maisonette up 4 flights of stairs!)
  • colourful (preferably red or green - didn't want plain black)
  • can be used a travel system
  • not a 3 wheeler (well, this was more my must have as I wasn't keen on them!)
  • budget of £300-£400

Now I didn't think that was too fussy, but then we started looking and I found I was more fussy than I thought... (Okay, reading that back, I suppose it is a bit fussy...)

The only large store we have around where we live is Babies r Us, so we went here as they had quite a selection.

The first one we set our eyes on was the Graco Quattro Tour Sport Travel System in Super Nova. We fell in love with this straight away. Now it only has a bit of colour, but we liked the features it had, and it matched pretty much the rest of our must haves. Except that it's not very light weight. Still, we kept it in mind as one of our first choices, as it was within our budget and the accessory pack came free with it too.  

The next one we considered was the Quinny Buzz 3 Pushchair in Rebel Red. Now, I was never keen on Quinny's before, even though I had heard rave reviews about them. I must admit, it did also fit quite a few of our must haves. We had a little play with it, and I actually quite liked it and changed my mind on it. I do still really like it, but the pushchair alone took the majority of our budget, and the car seat, carry-cot, foot-muff, etc. were expensive (for us/our budget) on top of that. We kept it in mind for a while but then decided we just couldn't afford it. 

I also set my eyes on the Oyster With Lime Colour Pack, but again this was out of our budget especially with having to purchase the extras on top. I do still quite like it though. 

So, as the 2nd & 3rd ones were out of our budget, and we hadn't seen any more we had fallen in love with, but decided that the Graco was going to be too heavy and bulky, I decided to take to eBay! Which was where I came across the Maxi Cosi Loola in Tango Red. We fell in love with it just looking at the pictures. The link I have posted is the newest model of the Loola, ours is an older model so is a slightly different shade of red, but doesn't look too different physically. We never came across this one in the store, I don't think they had them in. We decided to take a risk and order it without physically looking at it or having a play (though I researched reviews first and the majority were good - you're always going to get a few bad ones, but you take from that what you wish)! Best of all, it only cost £125 (brand new) for the pushchair, carry-cot & rain cover, whereas with this one we would have only got the pushchair unit and had to have bought everything else separately. We did have to buy the car seat separately, which is the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix in Intense Red. This is a slightly different shade of red to the system we have, but the chassis is only black & silver so you don't really know the difference. We are totally in love with it. Now we just have to buy a foot-muff, and a parasol for the summer, and we are all set and can't wait to use it for the little man! And best of all, it fits all of our must haves! 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

37 weeks

So, 37 weeks! Now classed as full term! Yikes!

I think since Sunday when the 37 weeks mark came, I've been imagining I'm going to go into labour at any minute because my back ache is getting worse, and been getting pains 'down there' which aren't quite like the shooting pains I have been having from little man squishing my nerves, but more painful than shooting, though not very often so it can't be! Just wishful thinking, I think! Although, my BH have been getting more frequent and more painful. We were in town yesterday buying a few more clothes for little man, and I had to stop every 10 steps or so because of the pains and the BH. 

I'm pretty sure he is starting to engage though, when he hiccups (which is a lot!) I can feel it lower down. The other day I could feel it in my bum which was quite funny! (I've googled this in case I sounded silly, but it seems other people have felt it there too!) And he has been wriggling a lot lately, hubby & I think it looks like an alien in there trying to escape! (We love the Alien movies, that's where that came from!). Also, I think my bump has dropped a little, and no matter which position I sit/lie/stand in, I just cannot get comfortable. (A funny little anecdote - he was kicking the other day and he did it repeatedly 4 times, just like knocking on a door, it felt like he was knocking to come out!)

I think I'll be here to give you a 38 week update though, I'm not expecting him to arrive this early! 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Old wives tales to bring on labour

So, we have some pineapple juice in the fridge which I bought for my baby shower to make mocktails, but never used. Last night I was going to have a glass, then I remembered about the old wives tale that it may bring on labour, so I decided against it for now, not quite ready yet! Which got me to thinking about a few of the more common ones I've heard about, and whether they do actually tend to play in a part or not in bringing on labour, so I went and did some research. Though I'm one to believe that baby will come when he/she is ready, it would be interesting to hear if any mummies tried any of them and went into labour soon afterwards! 

Birthing ball

Rocking/bouncing on a birthing ball can help to get baby moving by encouraging them to get into a good position ready to give birth.

Curry (hot/spicy)

Curry is though to stimulate your tummy, which may in turn stimulate your uterus, BUT if you're not used to spicy curries (I am!), then it may also cause heartburn. 


This contains the bromelain enzyme which is thought to soften the cervix, so eating large amounts may stimulate your tummy, which may in turn stimulate your uterus, like other tales mentioned. A large amount would have to be eaten though, about 7 pineapples! Not sure I could stomach that much! (Also thinking of the side effects...Yuk)

Raspberry leaf tea

This is thought to stimulate the uterus and encourage labour. A study has shown that it could also speed up the second stage of labour. Drinking it before you go into labour can also help prepare the muscles. 


A bit tricky when you're heavily pregnant (and painful for me!), but it could trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone which causes contractions. Also, having an orgasm could stimulate the womb into action. It is also only recommended before your waters have broken, and not really recommended if you have placenta praevia or have had vaginal bleeding during your pregnancy (this has happened to me afterwards, so I'm wary anyway!)


The pressure of baby's head pressing on the cervix is also thought to release oxytocin. As being upright encourages baby to move down onto your cervix, this works in turn to possibly trigger contractions. I've heard of a few people who have gone into labour after a long walk, so I'm going to keep this one in mind at least! 

So, which ones did you try, and did labour start soon afterwards, or they didn't seem to work at all?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Birth plan

So, yes, at the end of this week, I will be 37 weeks and could really give birth at any time. At our midwife appointment before last, we discussed my birth 'plan' (said lightly). It is most likely knowing our luck, that it will not go to plan, but this is what we decided.

  • My intended place of birth will be the hospital. I'm sure a home birth would be amazing though, maybe we will consider that if we ever have another. I've also decided I would like a water birth if possible. (Which reminds me, I must pack appropriate wear in my hospital bag just in case).
  • My lovely husband is going to be my birth partner. Though he has this preconceived image of women in labour, and keeps thinking I'm going to be hitting him or something... Maybe shouting at him, but I don't think I'm that mean to hit him!
  • Baby will be monitored throughout out labour, but of course if I have a water birth and baby needs continuous monitoring, then that bit won't go to plan.
  • Regarding pain management, well, I've asked for everything, except I'm a bit unsure about an epidural at this point. I really do not like needles, but then again, I don't have a very good pain threshold either, so we will see!
  • We went through all the positions that help ease the pain. Speaking of positions, which did you find helped with the pain?
  • Regarding the 3rd stage of labour, I've asked for physiological, though I'm not so sure now! I've asked a question on my Facebook page regarding this, please pop over and answer if you wish.
  • Finally, husband wants to cut the cord, and I would like skin to skin, if all goes to plan.
  • We are also aware of what will happen if I need a C-section, regarding a spinal block and hubby's attendance etc., and also if I need a ventouse or forceps delivery. 

So, we shall see, and in the next few weeks I will be able to update you when I share my birth story! 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

36 weeks and a midwife appointment

On Sunday I reached 36 weeks pregnant, eek! Can't believe how close it is now, at the end of this week I will be classed as full term!

It made it all the more real when the midwife said today that we may not make our appointment at 38 weeks because baby could arrive any time soon! Though I just know he's going to keep us waiting, just like his Daddy... Regarding today's appointment, my urine sample was fine, my blood pressure was fine, and baby is still head down though not engaged yet, but that's normal. Bump is measuring at 36 weeks too. Obviously today is Valentines Day, we don't really celebrate it, but we both had the best present anyway of hearing little man's heartbeat! That was perfect too. 

More recently I've been having shooting pains down below, they really do take you by surprise, somewhat like an electric shock, quite painful! Just the nerves though and baby pressing on them... It happened in the supermarket recently, I did let out a squeal, so glad that there weren't many people around! 

Also last Thursday I had a slight fall. It had been snowing the Saturday before, and so cold that it hadn't disappeared. On Thursday it started snowing again, and of course the previous snow had compacted when it had started melting, so the fresh snow just lay on top of that. We were at the in-laws, I just stepped out the door ready to go home and slipped flat on my behind, ouch! I promptly burst into tears, it shook me up quite badly, I was so worried that I'd hurt little man. I cried all the way home in the car as he wasn't moving. We got home and rang the midwife and she said to sit down and calm down for 20 minutes and see if he started moving, so I did, and had a glass of cold water and I'm so glad he started wriggling about! Since then, while the snow has been here I haven't let go of hubby when we've been outside, but the rain has been and it's mostly got rid of it now, thank goodness. I usually love the snow but it's really not very nice when you're heavily pregnant.  

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Baby shower

Yesterday was my baby shower! I had been looking forward to it for ages, I love having something to plan and it definitely passed the time over the last couple of weeks while waiting for Baby G's imminent arrival. Though, I thought I was organised but I wasn't as much as I thought! Although this was partly due to me being achy (after falling last week - will talk about that in the next post) and tired, and not really wanting to do much as that in turn was making me tired too. Especially with the amount of cake I had to make, as I was holding the sale for Cake A Difference too! (Which by the way, I raised £28 for, which I was very happy with!) Not as many people attended as originally was planned, due to various reasons which couldn't be helped, but I was grateful for them letting me know rather than just not turning up (as happened at our wedding!).

I had prizes for my games, but I didn't even manage to get these wrapped; I was still preparing food when my guests arrived; and we never got around to playing all the games I had planned! This was partly due to me being forgetful (!), and partly due to people leaving early/having to arrive later. But, we still had a lovely evening and had a chat, had fun with the games we did have, and best of all ate cake and cheesecake! 

Little man was spoiled, and I had a nice surprise in the morning with a delivery of flowers and a balloon from one of my lovely on-line friends! 

I'm also very grateful and overwhelmed by people who have asked for my address to send him a little something! 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

35 weeks

Sunday saw me hitting 35 weeks, it's getting ever so close now but still can't believe that I will have an actual baby in my arms in a few weeks! 

Not much to report since my last post I'm afraid, except that I've been getting ready for my baby shower which is looming on Saturday! Also for my Cake A Difference sale for Bliss which I hope is going to go down well. One of the ladies on the forum I use raised £70 today at their sale, which is absolutely fantastic! 

Though, I finally got my Mum-To-Be Bounty pack. So late as I never got a voucher for it in my first pack, then I never got one at my 20 week scan, so I had to wait for Bounty to send me an e-mail with the voucher in it. That was a few weeks ago but had only just got around to printing it off and collecting it...

These are the freebies that came in it

So we have:
  • a sample bottle of Dettol surface cleanser
  • one Pampers newborn nappy (will be going in the hospital bag!)
  • a pack of 12 Pampers sensitive wipes (will also be going in the hospital bag, or the changing bag!)
  • a sample tub of Sudocrem
  • two Fairy non bio tablets (will be washing some tiny clothes with these soon!)
  • a sachet of Ovaltine for Mummy!
And as we picked the pack up from Sainsburys, we also got a voucher for a £5 off a £10 spend. We were in a bit of a rush when we collected it so didn't have a look, but will be going to check out little clothes soon!

Friday, 3 February 2012

34 weeks and a midwife appointment

Oh dear, I've really neglected you since Sunday... I've been ill with a horrible cold/cough/sore throat but that's no excuse really, just been too tired to do much of anything as it's been wearing me down... Anyway, have now passed the 34 week mark! 

We had our 34 week appointment on Tuesday where we went over my birth plan, I mean wishes/options, as we all know it probably won't go to plan! I will cover that in my next post! As for the other stuff, my sample was fine, blood pressure was fine, and bump was measuring right on 'target' this week. Good strong heartbeat there too. And, he is behaving and is head down! 

I also booked a bump/maternity shoot last Sunday, which we had last night. It was great fun, I loved it! Cannot wait to see the photos up on the website when they've been edited, from what we saw after he'd taken them they are are going to be fabulous. I had some ideas gathered on Pinterest, some of which he'd never seen before, and I had all my props ready when he got here, he said I was the most organised person he'd shot! Yep, that's me! We should hopefully get a link to the photos in the next few days, going to be checking my e-mails continuously! I think we will definitely be booking him for a newborn shoot when little man arrives, we felt very relaxed with him, and from what I've seen before of completed, edited shoots he is great. 

This is who we used for the shoot: Flawless Photography


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